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We are seeking a Database Administrator who will be responsible for all aspects of the databases (mainly Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase and MYSQL) used by all software products, from a design, architecture, and performance perspective.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Design (in conjunction with the software engineering team) the databases used by our software products
  • Participate in the planning of software projects (provide estimates, document portions of project plans for use by project managers, etc.)
  • Participate in group design meetings
  • Ensure all development databases are tuned properly (and work jointly with other DBAs to ensure the same is in place for QA/UAT/Production)
  • Perform analysis and tuning of all new queries introduced by a new software release to ensure maximum performance (ensure SQL is optimized, new indices are in place, etc)
  • Create scripts used to apply all new DDL & DML changes to non-production and production environments as needed for a given release
  • Understand exactly how all applications interface with its database, and how all tables/columns are used for the various business functions performed by the software products (and document)
  • Work with Sr. DBA’s to ensure all new DDL and DML is applied to the QA/UAT/Production environments for each new software release
  • Utilize source control tools as necessary for document storage
  • Resolve complex database problems/configuration via advanced debugging techniques
  • Write technical documentation under the guidance of Sr. DBA’s and Information Manager, such as data dictionaries, database configuration specifications, project plans, etc.

Position Requirements:

  • BS in Computer Science, or equivalent
  • Minimum of four (4) years of experience as an operational DBA with Oracle database systems on Unix, Linux and Windows
  • MYSQL, Sybase and SQL Server DBA experience preferred
  • Understanding of Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Experience with debugging techniques
  • Knowledge of ASM file systems
  • Knowledge of replication solutions such as Oracle Streams and 3Par SAN replication
  • Exceptional teamwork and communication skills
  • Remote evening and weekend work as required including having high speed home internet access
  • Skilled in the use of Oracle OEM (Spotlight and other database monitoring and administration tools a plus)
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